Friday, December 9, 2011

Update on David # 3



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Dear Family and Friends:


We just got back this afternoon from Nairobi where David had undergone a Myocardial Perfusion (MPI) or Nuclear Stress Test.  This test involves a radioactive tracer to determine blood flow to the heart muscles, revealing any significant blockages in the arteries that supply the heart with blood.

The results of this test indicated at least one area of restricted or diminished blood supply (I believe they said on the left side) and wouldn't rule out another on the right, but it did not indicate a blockage.  The complete and detailed report was not ready at the time we left Nairobi, but the Cardiologists agreed that an angiogram would need to be done at some point in time to confirm the exact location or locations of the diminished flow under stress.  Thus the diagnosis remains 'stable angina'!

However, they said there was no immediate necessity for the angiogram, but could be scheduled after the first of the year.  They've told David to continue his heart meds, watch his diet, mild exercise but avoid a lot of exertion.  Please pray with us for wisdom in timing, location, and procedure as we know the Lord has a plan to provide the 'right' solutions for David.

Thank each of you for praying and for SO many encouraging and uplifting words, and also for the guidance from those of you in the medical profession.  We have experienced the strength and peace of the Lord during all of this which we know is a direct answer to the many prayers on our behalf! 

Our children are gathering together at home over Christmas week.....the first time for ALL of us in several years and we are looking forward to being together....there will be 18 of us in total.....and will be wall to wall accommodations!  WE THANK THE LORD FOR OUR FAMILY!!! 

May the Lord richly bless each of you with His mercy, truth, and light.



PS Please continue to also pray with us for finances as our missions accounts today shows a balance of $186.37 and we are running under budget of almost $2000 monthly. Any special offering would help to keep us in the black. We believe God is the supplier of all our needs. Send us an email if you would like to help and we will supply you with the information of where you can send the offering.

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