Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update on Beckie #3





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Dear Family & Friends,


Last night I received the following update on Beckie’s report from USA.  Please continue to pray for her.



David D. Smith



I just got home from the Ear Nose Throat specialist.   He pretty much told me the same thing as both ENT's in Kenya.....however....he thinks I've left 'one stone unturned'.  He wants to order a CT scan of the area just to make sure there's nothing 'growing' (as a result of the radiotherapy) that would be paralyzing the left vocal chord. 


So.....I told him to go ahead and order it asap.  As much as it makes me somewhat 'afraid' ....... I know that I need to know that I've processed everything and that there is nothing of potential danger affecting the vocal chord.  The fact that I've had this problem for quite some time most likely indicates that there's nothing sinister. 


He did say that possible less serious causes are:  radiation damage or viral infection.  Anyway...I will appreciate your prayers for peace as I do the scan and also for a positive result.  I can live with a vocal chord issue that doesn't reflect a more serious situation!!  I do know the Lord is in complete control and I do trust Him.....this just helps remind me that my life is in His hands and He is faithful. 








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