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Praise the Lord!!! Update #4 on Beckie





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Just want to give ALL praise to the Lord for His faithfulness and also thanks to all who lifted me in prayer these past few days!!!  I felt the Lord's peace as I took the ct scans and as I waited for the results.  With my natural mental tendency towards 'reading into things', it isn't easy for me to be calm and I DEFINITELY felt the supernatural peace that comes from the Lord.  He gave me Psalm 92 and a chorus to focus on that  replayed over and over in my mind. The chorus was: "Let your Spirit rise up in me; You set my feet to dancing and my heart rejoicing and my 'voice' singing out Your praise."  My voice will SING praises to His name!!!


The results showed a large amount of radiotherapy scarring in the area where the vocal chord runs, which they concur damaged the left chord and left it paralyzed.  The doctor said I have a VERY strong voice considering the paralysis of the left chord that occured over 20 years ago.  My Dad asked me if I told him it came from ALL the years of exercising my voice (referring to the fact that I like to talk)!!!!  Anyway, he told me to buy a small personal voice amplifier to use whenever I need to speak to groups, as I won't have projection ability....unless of course the Lord miraculously heals that chord! 


Again.....thank you for lifting me before the throne of the Father!  His faithfulness and love are unfathomable and consistent!!!






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PS Praise the Lord that we only had to pay $1049 of the $5000 for the 3 scans. Thank God for good insurance. Another prayer request is that my father Walter B. Smith is in the hospital in Kansas & they have removed fluid on his lungs. Praying for good results. God is able.

I appreciate your prayers too?



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