Thursday, December 1, 2016

BA air flight delayed for Kenyad


Dear Family and Friends,


This morning we were closing up the last of 6 bags in preparation for our flight when I opened my emails to find that the flight had been delayed by several hours, which would cause us to miss our connections for all ongoing flights. We could have been discouraged but then I was reminded of the African man who was late to work crossing the Likoni Ferry to the mainland and was he was so upset that he did not make the boat and  yelled at the captain 'YOU ARE MAKING ME LATE TO WORK.". After only a few minutes he was so happy he did not make the connection because all of the sudden he saw the boat turn over as the people all shifted to the other side and over 100 people drowned in the ocean. 


Sometimes we don't understand why things happen the way they do but we have to understand that our God is in complete control. One thing I know is that I received several calls today from pastors and friends saying  they needed some information for some water well projects and signed monthly faith commitment forms for $100. I'm aware that this might not have happened if we were not delayed by one DAY. 


Again we want to THANK YOU for helping us with your prayers and your support as we traveled the past 4 months on this short furlough. WE serve a great big wonderful Lord who came to die for our sins and the sins of many that have not heard that Jesus is the answer to their problems.


May God continue to meet your every need.


Love from your friends,


David & Beckie Smith



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