Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Open Door Project - EMARTI VILLAGE

             Open Door Project --Emarti Massai Village


A few days ago I woke up at 3:30 am thinking about the open door. I had been talking to our E. Africa director the night before about the entrance to the Massai's water hole. It had large thorn bushes encircling the water hole, which was covered with yellow & green interesting particles floating on top.


This is the only place in this area to get water for drinking, bathing  & cooking.


The reason for the hedge of thorn bushes, with only a single entrance, was to keep the wild animals and cattle from entering and spoiling the water by body waste. It was a way to control their good 'clean' water.


As I woke up this morning the little song I remember singing as a kid was going over in my mind. "You can't go over it , you can't go under it, you can't go around it, you must come in at the door." This door or entrance to the water hole was the only one way in.  However, they had also stacked logs at the door. The Massai were going over with great ease and they waited to see if this old missionary was able to crawl over. Yep, I made it but it took me a little longer than some of the others and that's when I saw where they had drawn the water for our tea.

Jesus talks about the door in the Holy Book. He said no one can come to the Father except through Jesus. He is the door to eternal life. Jesus said he is standing there waiting for us to step though the open door. Can you help us walk though this open door? The chief has given us a word of welcome to come help his people.


The first stage: The Emarti Village needs a water well. This is a great opportunity to reach this village by providing a bore hole costing about $5000 in order to give them physical water, clean water that will save people from dying early. Then we can help them with spiritual water when we bring the Word to the village by giving Bibles and gospel tracts in their language. As one of the pastors said, "We can bring the Word but it also takes the Spirit to change the heart."  May God give us wisdom to reach these Massai in this village of Emarti.

The second stage: A place to worship. A Tabernacle will cost about $6000. 


How can you help? First you can pray. Then you can give, with the assurance that God loves a cheerful giver. Send to: Assemblies of God World Missions




Pray for the Kentucky Team. They are coming in May to do evangelism and conduct medical camps. Pray that the rain will not hinder the opportunity of going into this area. Pray for wisdom as we walk through this open door.


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