Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Your time is UP!



David & Beckie Smith

220 Solon Rd

Waxahachie, Tx 75165


Dear Friends,


Yesterday the call came through as Beckie & I were traveling from Missiouri to Texas & I was told, "Your deputation time is up and you are scheduled to go back to Kenya on MAY 9th.  Your medical clearance is in but your budget is not met, projects are not funded yet, and your monthly faith commitments are needing to come in before you return."


So I am sending this letter to appeal to our friends to pray and possibly help us with the urgent needs.


In my devotions this morning God seem to be reminding me in Matt 21:22 "And whatsoever thing you ask in prayer believing, YOU WILL RECEIVE."


Then my thoughts went to my dear friend and colleague Glen Ford, when he told us in a mission convention of the time in Tanzania that he was needing house rent money, in fact things were so desperate that they were going to have to leave the field if funds didn't come in. Glen lived on the slopes of Mt. Kilamanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania and he was walking in the cool of the day & was praying and crying out to God, reminding the Lord of their desperate need. He was totally alone as he walked and prayed and suddenly he began to notice something blowing in the wind down from the mountain. Tanzania shilling notes were coming down the mountain right to him and he picked them all up and counted it & it was enough to pay the rent with just a little left over. Wow, how that story built my faith.


Now how can you help? Please join with us in praying and asking in faith and then ask God how you can help the Smith's get back to Kenya? Could you do a extra offering? Could you give a little more & help us get the signed faith commitments that are needed?


How can you help? #1 Send a offering to:  Assemblies of God World Missions

                                                                           1445 Boonville Ave.

                                                                           Springfield, Mo



                                           For: David D. Smith Kenya E. Africa account  # 221097




#2 Go online to AG Giving.com type in David D. Smith Kenya & make a monthly faith commitment


or fill in the form above in the attachment and mail to:

1445 Boonville Ave

Springfield, Mo.



Please believe with us today that the mountain spoken of in Matt 21: 21 will come down and cast into the sea. Our God is bigger than this need and owns the cattle of a thousand hills.



Pray for the Cash Budget needed of :                  $25,000

Pray for the Project Funds needed of :                $20,000

Pray for the Monthly Faith Commentments :       $850


Thank you,


David & Beckie Smith



Without friends like you, it would not be possible to minister effectively in Kenya.  To partner with us in this incredible  endeavor, click here for access to a secure internet link for IRS-deductible contributions:¹


Reaching                             Planting                             Training                              Touching


Email: David.Smith@agmd.org



David Cell: 972-921-1648

Beckie Cell: 972-921-0650

Home: 972-923-0510


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