Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beckie's ministry trip!


David & Beckie Smith

220 Solon Rd

Waxahachie, Tx 75165


Dear Friends:


Greetings from Waxahachie, Texas where we're beginning to settle in with family to itineration life in the US.  We've connected with some of you and hope that during this year we will be able to renew contact with the rest of you.  As you have heard missionaries say, itineration can be both difficult and rewarding.  It's wonderful relating what the Lord is doing where we minister and to share our God given vision and passion, but due to the busy schedules of pastors and churches, it's not easy to get confirmed bookings.  We want to say thanks to those of you who have made efforts to schedule us for services, and we pray that others will be led of the Lord to work us into your schedules.


In mid-September Beckie will be returning to Kenya for the activities of Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October.  During this month much emphasis and effort is put into creating awareness, facilitating examinations, raising money for diagnostics and treatments among the peoples of the Kenyan Coast.  Please pray with her that more than anything elses this time will be spiritually effective and that many doors will be open for presenting the Truth to those who are lost in sin and darkness. 


The additional cost of a return ticket and associated expenses will be taken from our missions account, so if anyone feels the leading of the Lord to assist towards the $1,950 ministry expense please send to the following:



For tax exempt gifts send to:

David D. Smith account  # 221097

1445 Boonville Ave

Springfield, Mo.


Without friends like you, it would not be possible to minister effectively in Kenya.  To partner with us in this incredible  endeavor, click here for access to a secure internet link for IRS-deductible contributions:¹


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Email: David.Smith@agmd.org



David Cell: 972-921-1648

Beckie Cell: 972-921-0650

Home: 972-923-0510



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