Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Report: Thank you for praying for the Good News Meetings this past week.

Dear Friends,


Greetings from Mombasa, Kenya!


Our hearts are rejoicing over the many nationals that have been touch through the ministry of Roger Hoagland & his team. The team of 10 arrived and went straight to work with the medical team the next morning. I know some had jet lag in the afternoon but they kept on going till the Good News meetings that started at 4pm daily for 8 days straight. Different team members preached in the evenings and all did well.


I appreciate the way that Roger uses his team members to help get the African Children together and they did a wonderful job in forming a choir in a short time.  The $5000 that was sent ahead helped us to be on the property , start the process of cleaning the plot and placing the tent and digging the toilet block for the team before the team arrived. It was a lot of work getting the platform ready and the tent repaired to go on the property but the Lord blessed in a great way. On the Medical side the $1500 helped us to order the meds 3 weeks early and they barely arrived on time from Nairobi. We were able to treat 728 nationals and many of these prayed the sinners prayer. Some of the team members went out witnessing while the others worked the med camp in the mornings. Roger again was out there on the streets witnessing and going hut to hut with nationals and other team members.


Dr. Jaime Montalvo was so pleasant and good working with our African people. His nurse Aleah Bickett was so efficient & they worked well together. The assistants were also so good. Annette & her son Matthew the 10 year old supplied the meds. Matthew prayed around the alters with many of the children & adults. They even thought he was a Doctor because he had the uniform.


The team ministered in two schools and several prayed the sinners prayer. Who knows what may come to some of these Muslim students and Teachers.


Thanks again for praying for the Kentucky team for they were a great blessing to our people here at the coast. It was great to take Roger back last Sunday to Pastor Job’s church and see how the church has grown. This is the church that we had made a circle and claimed the area for the new church the first time he came 11years ago. It is the same area where the boundaries are lined with tall trees at this time. God is still answering prayers & the church is growing.


When we get to heaven it will be great to see all the souls that have come to the Lord as we have worked together for his purpose.



David & Beckie Smith

Missionaries in Kenya, E. Africa


PS: This Sunday after the team left: Fire in the tent!

Yes, God moved and we had a real live fire. At the end of the service the young couple came forward for prayer with their two twin girls about 1 year old. They had bands around their arms and around their waist where the witchdoctor had planted them on these beautiful little African girls.


The parents wanted us to cut them off and burn them so we took a hugh machete and cut them off and made a fire to burn the charms. Praise the Lord! God is working overtime. Keep praying. Something happens when we pray that would not have happened if we had not prayed.




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