Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I could see death in his eyes!

Before I went to the court I had prayed God please make me an example to many of these young people that might not know you.


It was about 6:30 in the evening this past week and the lights came on at the volley ball court. I saw one of the young men I was playing go over to the light pole bend over to pick his drink up off the ground and he grabbed hold of the metal light pole. As he bent over I saw his eyes as if it he was a dead man. I knew instantly what had happened because I had felt the shock by just touching the pole two months before. I had reported it to the hotel but no one did anything.


Now he was grounded to the light pole and the ground. Others around also saw what was happening but no one was doing anything. It was like a flash that the training I had some years ago came back to me. Do not hold on to him. I was also barefoot and sweating like him. If I grab him I would also be stuck to the pole. He was going to die. What can I do? Then I thought if I hit his leg that is in the air maybe I would not take to much of current and he would be release. As I hit him the 240 volts went through me like a freight train to my hand and jarred my heart and numbed both my feet. Thank God it worked and Marcus was released and he rolled over on the ground but he was  sore from the jolt. His leg was sore from where the  voltage went through and his eyes were blood shot. He laid there for some time and he said several times thank you for saving my life. After a while the doctor came & checked his blood pressure and they said it was high. Someone hit me on the back to say well done and when they did they got a charge. Guess I still had a little voltage in my body. The bottom of my toes are still a little sore but I am thankful Marcus is alive today. I talked to Marcus latter to tell him that he could be in eternity NOW. When we pray something will happen that would not have happened if we had not prayed.


Thanks for your prayers,

David D. Smith

Kenya E. Africa


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