Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Special Prayer request forDavid's mother Evelyn Smith (82)

Sending this again since some have said they did not receive.


 Dear Family & Friends,


Greetings from Mombasa!


This past Sunday we just completed the two tabernacles & medical camps with the team from The Oaks Fellowship Dallas, Texas. We had some great meetings and many came to the Lord.


For over a week now we have been getting reports that my mother was not doing well and last night the second test came in that confirmed that she has pancreatic cancer. We desire your prayers during the days ahead. I plan to travel as soon as I can confirm tickets.  






               David & Beckie Smith

               PO Box 86703

               Mombasa, Kenya

               East Africa 80100

               Account # 221097

               1445 Boonville Ave

               Springfield, Mo.


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